Tree Hugger Fencing can create a fence with huge range of looks and feels.  Our experience with many shop tools and techniques allows us to shape, cut, and join metal as needed to achieve the results you want!  We will develop the design from sketches to a computer drafted rendering in order to visualize the fence and generate a construction plan.

Sculptural  - A fence that relates to a theme dear to you, to protect your tree as well as show your personal style in front of your home.  These fences have a volume and presence that will compliment your tree while making a statement.

Organic - Let nature be our guide, we can work with your arboreal and flower motifs to create a fence which speaks to the tree.  We can have the fence stand-in for or work with your flower bed plantings.

Architectural - We can harmonize your fence with your building by incorporate elements of your building's style in your fence.

Build to match - We can match the materials and style of an existing gate, balcony, fountain, or other focal point of your building.

Anything you can imagine!  We have worked projects  in stone, concrete, wood, glass, sand cast aluminum and bronze, re-purposed metal artifact...the list goes on and is only limited by our imagination.